Types of sports equipment

Sports equipment for your own four walls

“Sport is murder” used to be my grandma’s word. But as with other occupations, the golden mean applies here. Sport is good for our health.

Many people are increasingly looking for a balance to their hectic everyday lives. Fitness studios are known to spring up like mushrooms. If you should visit a fitness studio, then you know that it also costs money. Surely you are in good hands here through the advice of an employee. But also your own home can become a small private gym.

There are many different sports equipment suitable for your own home. Not every piece of equipment takes up much space. In the following section we would like to introduce a few of these devices to you.

Sports equipment of all kinds for your home

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Let’s start with the smaller species. Who says that sports equipment has to be big? You can train just as well at home as in a gym. No problem. It is about targeted muscle building, back training or the actual body tightening. Your general state of health can be positively influenced by dumbbells alone.

Just by using small dumbbells or dumbbell benches you can improve and strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles.

Dumbbell bar for a reasonable price

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They are guaranteed not to take up any space at home, but offer an effective result. It is recommended to order the dumbbell bars with weights. So you can upgrade at any time to change the weight class. With a length of almost 40 cm, weight plates can easily be retrofitted. These can be securely attached using a screw cap.

Kettler Kettlebel Basic

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A Kettler Kettlebell “BASIC” would also be effective in making fitness training even more effective. This small all-rounder is very inexpensive and fits easily into any corner. With this Kettlebell you can do the most different exercises.

You simply do something for belly, legs and bottom. You can specifically bring your body center back into shape. Those of us who are a little older will know that this device has existed before. It has simply come back into fashion.

You could buy it with a weight between 4,6 – 8 kg. The Kettlebell can be used by beginners and professionals at the same time.

Complete fitness station for at home SP 20 XL”.

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With this all-rounder you do not only kill “2 flies with one flap”, but 30, i.e. you can perform up to 30 different training options. Every part of your body is taken care of. You determine the exercise and you determine how and how often you want to train. Forget all expensive sport studios, you have your own fitness station at home. The fitness stadium does not take up much space and fits in virtually every corner of a room. The seat for your bottom is well padded and adjustable to any size. Adjust and you’re ready to go. Eight included weights allow you to determine the degree of difficulty on your own. In addition, most people who train at home don’t feel so watched, especially when they are beginners. The strength station provides for firm calves and thighs, for the muscle structure, all joints are stabilized and you get so completely besides still a healthy self-confidence. You simply feel much better in general. Congratulations, you have overcome your inner pig-headedness.

Sports treadmill – for all those who like to run fast

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The treadmill can be individually adjusted up to 22 km/h, for the fast experienced among you. The running surface is long and wide. So you don’t have to worry about falling down. The sports treadmill is also ideal for people with a higher weight. Another advantage is the running surface of the treadmill itself.

It is a phenolic resin running deck. It needs neither to be serviced nor lubricated . For a good entertainment during the run provides a MP 3 Player connection.

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